Imaginary Sons - Tommy Crisafulli: Vox/Guitar, Kyle Hermann:Vox/bass, Drew Shamyer: Drums

Spaceman Jones from the planet, Sploffzan, traveled through time and space to Earth in order to track down the evil music editing robot that enslaved his people with mind controlling digital music. Sent on this quest after being told the prophecy by Chuck Berry, Spaceman Jones found The Rat King and The Officer and formed a rock n roll band. This band was called, Imaginary Sons. Completing the prophecy, this rag tag group of unlikely heroes set out to save rock n roll from computers. Imaginary Sons decided to start their journey in Richmond,VA where they have been bringing their unique rock n roll sound to grateful ears. In an attempt to save even more souls from mind controlling computer music, the Sons released their first album, "Let It Beer" to an enthusiastic crowd in January of 2015. Imaginary Sons must continue their fight to save rock n roll and have been expanding their zone of influence to many more cities, one show at a time. Plans for a second attack on evil "music" are in the works for later this year as Imaginary Sons prepare for a follow up to "Let It Beer."

Venus Throw - Bruce Smith:vox/guitar, Jesse Allard: guitar/vox, Herbie Gimme: drums/keys

The Venus Throw is a modernistic swamp pop band based in Welcome, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia. Their previous releases include "Film Noir" and "Raised Right/Gone Wrong."

Bossy Lil' Thing

Rock It!

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